2020 Molot Rifle

As a outcome, most popular 7,62×39 firearm designs have variations in .366 TKM. AKs, RPKs, SKSs have all been produced in .366 TKM chamberings, primarily by the “Molot” weapons plant. While not as accurate or long-ranged as correct 7,62×39 firearms, they are “good enough” at shorter ranges, and provides rifle-like ergonomics and performance to those that would only be succesful of own shotguns before. The Vepr II was an improved model created for Wolf Performance Arms in 2012.

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Given these two findings in 2016, the United States Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Controls added Molot to the import sanctions record in 2017. This effectively banned the VEPR-12 and other Molot firearms from import. The President has broad authority beneath the Arms Export Control Act to impose restrictions, including embargoes, on the importation of firearms into the United States.

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Despite the outward look, they are technically based mostly on the RPK light machine gun and share the RPK’s heavier barrel and reinforced receiver. In post-war years, sustainability demanded a shift to civilian guns. The manufacturing unit cranked out a massive number of shotguns, rifles, and handguns, ultimately including what we all know as the VEPR (pronounced VEP-er). Keeping with colloquial traditions here within the US, the rifle is actually an AKM, that is, the semi-auto variant of the 7.62×39 AK-47, a reputation that officially refers to a fully computerized AK platform.

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