Top 5 extreme sports in Norway

Do you consider yourself a daredevil? Are extreme sports your thing? Then Norway is the country you need to visit today!

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We have compiled a list of the 5 best extreme sports to do in Norway. From paragliding to white river rafting, our comprehensive list has you covered.

c in the Lofoten Islands

The mountains in Lofoten are an ice-climbers dream. There are many icy routes and frozen waterfalls to climb and explore. For those who prefer a challenge, try hiking at night using a headlamp.

Zip-lining at Trolltunga

Zip-lining at Trolltunga is a whole new experience. Reaching the summit involves a hike, bike ride, and a final zip-wire descent back to the base of the mountain. With 3 zip-wires and a drop of 600m, there are views of waterfalls, gorges, and lakes to enjoy on your way down.

Paragliding at Voss

Have you ever dreamed of running off a mountainside with a large sail above you? Paragliding is the ultimate experience for those who dream of flying. Enjoy views of the Aurlandfjord while gliding through the air. If you are a novice, there are professional pilots who will jump and steer the parachute in what we know as a tandem jump.

White River Rafting in Heidal

One of Europe’s best rafting rivers is in Heidal, Norway. The Sjoa River is well-known as a white river rafting site. From novice to the more experienced rafters, there are choices of upstream or downstream rafting adventures for everyone. The Sjoa River has twists and turns that run through the beautiful Aaseng Canyon.

Via Ferrata at Trolltunga

Another activity to do at Trolltunga, climbing Via Ferrata is for the more experienced climbers. The climb is made using rungs that lead 250m up the steep cliff face. Admire the views from the top and watch the sunset over Trolltunga. Experience all that Trolltunga offers by staying overnight at the Trolltunga Sunset Dome Campsite.


There are a few things to remember when hiking. Know your route well and always take a cellphone with you. Pack in plenty of water and energy bars to sustain you on your hike. Remember to take a first aid kit with you, and always carry a lightweight, warm jacket in your backpack in case of any unexpected weather changes.